Faculty at Santhome

At Santhome Central School we have a group of dedicated teachers who are well qualified, experienced , dedicated and committed with good team spirit working together to enlighten each of our students through physical, intellectual, aesthetic, spiritual and moral values.
We realise that a single method or teaching approach cannot be applied to all the students from all the levels.Our teachers select the best combination of various approaches according to the learning styles and needs of each students. Student centered education is our key teaching model.
They act as facilitators and guide the students in their learning using activities, projects, seminars, workshops, audio-visual work models and presentations. The focus remains on creating awareness in the students and providing them with experiences that they can apply to real-life situations.

Our Staff members are

Sr. GraceminPrincipal
Mrs. Vinitha Ragesh Faculty of Biology
Mrs. Rainy AgustineFaculty of History
Mrs. Nayanthara NobyFaculty of English
Mrs. Jomy Jacob Faculty of English
Mrs. Dhanya T CFaculty of English
Mrs. CeyonaFaculty of Maths
Mrs. Beena C VFaculty of Hindi
Mrs. Awathy P.VFaculty of Chemistry
Mrs. MinnuFaculty of Physics
Mrs. Reena JisoFaculty of Malayalam
Mrs. RajaniFaculty of Geography
Mrs. LittaFaculty of Maths
Mrs. Liya VargheseFaculty of Maths
Mrs. Sogina BabyFaculty of Social Science
Mrs. Gisha PaulFaculty of English
Mrs. Jisha Siju Faculty of Science
Mrs. Anju Aravind Faculty of computer
Mrs. Dhanya GFaculty of K.G
Mrs. MinuFaculty of Chemistry
Mrs. RosemolFaculty of Malayalam
Mrs. Anu Aravind Faculty of K.G
Mrs. Seena VargheseFaculty of K.G
Mrs. Sibiya JoyFaculty of K.G
Mrs. Moly VargheseFaculty of K.G
Mr. Roy VargheseFaculty of P.T
Mrs. Disha Kurian Office clerk
Mrs. Reshmi P.RLibrarian
Sr. AkhilaBursar
Mrs. Ally Ravi Faculty of Dance
Mrs. Jojo Faculty of Music
Mrs. Meera Faculty of Yoga
Mrs. Biju Faculty of Karate
Sr. RanittaFaculty of SUPW
Mr. AinaFaculty of Communicative English
Mrs. Seena Lab Assistant
Mrs. Gigy Benny Peon
Mrs. Meena Ayah
Mrs. Della T.VAyah
Mr. Jogy Joseph School Bus Driver
Mr. Joy M.JSchool Bus Driver
Mr. Antu School Bus Driver
Mr. Bithin School Bus Driver
Mrs. Merina Bus Helper
Mrs. Meenu Bus Helper
Mrs. Reny Bus Helper