On 23rd May 2019 an orientation class was conducted for the teachers by Dr. Jaya sree Anand. She is an academic administrator, teacher, trainer and effective speaker. The class was based on activity orientation. It was about how to make effectively and actively. She presented how to use a book and impact learning for futuristic education solution. She made aware about the our knowledge and revised Blooms taxonomy. The class was effective and helpful for the teachers . It helped the teachers to learn positively and inculcate better attitudes for updating their knowledge for the futuristic life. She gave an idea about Education which starts from Unknown to Known, that is the way approaching the true education. And the teachers should fill their empty vessels with knowledge. She conclude her class with activity and games.

READING DAY 2019-2020

Santhomians had an enjoyable day as the school celebrated ” READING DAY ” on 19 June,2019 in Santhome Block. The two respected teacher host the beautiful occasion.

One of the student name as Vaiga Anil kumar gave speech and it gave the tremendous feeling to all the audience that whatever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow the students in the light of knowledge. And the Malayalam recitation was performed by one of the talented young girl as Mariya Biju.

The Hindi skit was well participated by young talented students, under the guidance by the teacher initiation. And the organizing and skit team motivated and ignited the mind of the school young learners to be the best knowledgeable person.since, the student of today’s modern generation lacks the passion for reading books, newspaper, magazine, and articles etc. The initiatives was taken by the skit team seems to be instrumental in bringing the positive change towards school students. It was indeed an enriching and fun filed day for the student, which ended with great satisfaction and successful way.

The reopening was celebrated at Santhome school with prayers, songs and distribution of sweets and warm welcome new buds. The address by Principal Rev.Sr.Udaya Teresa provided reassurance to the students, who joined after 2 months vacation, and many of them were seen exchanging pleasantries with classmates on seeing each other after the vacation. Wonderful cultural programmes were arranged on the stage. Welcoming for new Teachers also made the occasion precious.

Arts Day 2017 -18

Onam Celebration 2017 -18
The Onam celebration of this academic year was conducted with great joy and enthusiasm at Santhome School on 31st August 2017. The stage was enriched with various cultural programmes of Kerala such as Nadanpattu
, Onappattu, Vanchipattu, Thiruvathirakkali etc. There after traditional kerala sadya for all students arranges at the school.